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Beauty Post: Product Review

I'm usually excited about new products, ranging from skin care to makeup products, the bond gets stronger by the day.

My goal is to achieve and maintain clear skin, reduce break outs and stay moisturized this year. Gladly, you don't have to break the bank to achieve good skin. 
It came to my notice that i have written on how i got rid of acne , my discovery on food and breakout but haven't done a thorough skin care post on the blog.

So lets start with my recent beauty buys:

Celebrating the International Women Day

To Every Woman in the World: Happy International women's day!!!.
I would love to write an epistle specifically for every one of you but i'll resist the urge, so that this post can be short. *lol*

Our hearts gets stronger by the day and the support for each other is growing wildly. Fierce is the word to describe how the women game has become lately. Cheers!

Considering the theme for this years celebration: #PressForProgress I have a mental list of some women, whose work and life has been inspiring.

On Being Photogenic


(especially of a person) looking attractive in photographs or on film.

"a photogenic child"

We’ve used this phrase all our lives especially as females.
If we are a reflection of what we see in the mirror or any reflection, then why do we say ï am photogenic-I do/don't look better in photos.
It is what you look like that shows up in a mirror. abi?
It sure means that you are what you see! In the photo above, everything in the room was captured, including the towel hanging by the window. EVERYTHING! just as it is!

The Boy-Child Series V

Hello world, it's a good day to write on this topic again.
I've been thinking and working on this topic all month! I am very interested in the total well being of the boy child, mostly because there is a lot of voices speaking up for the girl child and the most significant part of the world is totally ignored.
Yes, i believe that the men are strong and can get it together most of the time but i also want you to be aware of the need to protect them as boys in order to totally avoid the damage that the girls suffer from the hands of an abusive-male gender.
I got a notification on twitter yesterday to read a story of a young man who opened up about his past experience of sexual molestation by an older female.Immediately i asked permission to lend my voice by sharing his story on my blog.
His story just spurred me to show up here and put up this as a reminder, BOYS GET ABUSED TOO!!!
Here we go;
This story today is influenced by Oprah Winfrey’s speech. Today I shall tell the world my truth. I have witnessed series of events growing up which has formed my core principles, personality and ideas. I grew up with my mum because she had our custody and through whom I learnt the virtue of independence but it was really tough and rough because the absence of the father-like figure made me susceptible to lots of travails. I passed through sexual molestation, bullying by peers, attempted suicide and battling with low self-esteem, addiction to pornography and masturbation. I would start with me being molested and my naivety been taken advantaged off by my then LANDLADY’S NIECE, MOYOSOREOLUWA ADUNNI ALAJE. She was at that time a student of North American University Benin Republic, I was 14 and she was in her early 20’s or maybe 19. She was around for her holiday break and would always dress skimpy in the compound, it was during one of our discourse she asked that “have I had sex before? And I replied in the negative that I