Style: Inufse Some Colors

It should be deliberate, or let's just say intentional.
 Don't just let it be, do something about it.
Whatever it may be. Take a step.
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Do you love colours? I think you do, because your thinking of your favourite item that has that color.

Life is so beautiful, infuse some colors to your eyes.
Get rid of the shades of grey, add blues and yellows.

It could be a date.
A book you need to write.
A poem that keeps coming back to you.
A song you must sing.
A word you must say to someone else.

Hey, don't be too tough jor.
Relax but work hard.


LIFESTYLE: Getting rid of acne

Welcome back Eagles. It's going to be a lengthy post because you really need this information.

We all hear that acne is common among teenagers but what if your above teenage age and still breaking out?
I learnt something really fascinating and i'm here to share.
A little about me: I am 27 years old and still break out, i thought it was just something that'll pass with time and age but that was not entirely true.
October 2017
I break out everywhere, even the chinese face map had nothing on  me. (lol) I couldn't using the map to figure out what my body was going through at a time because i had lot of breakouts at different spots on my face including my back and chest.




As a budding tailor, i find it very interesting the process of dress making. Every seam, cut, pattern and embroidery.
You know mathematics is very useful in dress making, you'll divide almost all the measurement into two, add few inches to the measurement for the zip line, minus the half length measurement from the skirt part of a dress.
Well, it was confusing at first but it got very interesting.
When i encounter something really difficult, i remember how i finally understood the basics of applying BODMAS to the art of fashion designing and i smile with hope.
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